Children’s Plays

In terms of plays for children, my first play, Ordinary Jack, was published in 1996, and was performed soon afterwards, at Gayhurst School in Buckinghamshire. It was followed by The Looking-Glass Alchemist, which received performances at the Dragon School, Oxford, and Shrewsbury House School, Surbiton; since then my plays have been published by New Theatre Publications, Schoolplay Productions and Lazybee Scripts.

In this part of the website you can read about a selection of my plays: there’s information about each play’s story and characters and where it has been performed, and there’s also some sample pages of dialogue and links to publishers’ websites so that texts can be purchased or read online by those interested in finding out more.

Arthur: Boy King of Britain
A straightforward telling, in one act, of the story of the boy Arthur, the magician Merlin, and the legendary Sword in the Stone. 

Brief Lives
An award-winning  one-act comedy-drama, set in a bleak English seaside resort, that tells the story of what two boys get up to when one of them discovers the dead body of his former piano teacher. 

Dramatic Licence
An entertaining one-act play that tells the story of “Arty”, an actor who has had his “dramatic licence” withdrawn and must go on a quest to the evil Oxymoron to try to get it back.

Ordinary Jack: a Sort of Fairy Tale
A spoof fairy tale set in the fictional Dark Age kingdom of Werconia, featuring a host of weird and wonderful characters and, at the centre of it all, a lovelorn Prince and his put-upon personal tutor.

The Prince and the Pauper
A full-length adaptation of Mark Twain’s classic story set in Tudor England, about two boys – one the heir to the throne of England, the other a London pauper – who decide to swap places.

Blood Royal
A full-length historical play set in England in 1483, telling one of the darkest stories in English history – that of the so-called “Princes in the Tower” and their uncle, King Richard III.